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Year Round Brews
Gamblers Golden Ale
An American Ale, Smooth and Crisp
Two Words: Happy. Hour. Gamblers Golden is a nice after work thirst quencher. A refreshing beer to enjoy after a long day at the office, following a hard day of yard work in the summer, or a great light beer to take the edge off a cold winters day. Pairs well with just about food, this beer is as versatile as your favorite white t-shirt . Especially consider this beer as a tongue smoother for bold spicy dishes, so make sure you take a growler home for when the menu includes Hot Tamales or Cajun Creole. If you normally drink Gamblers, and want to be step out of the box you may also want to try our Second Wind Wheat. We think you will love it as much as Gamblers.
ABV - 5.2%
Cow Catcher Red Ale
A medium bodied ale, red in color with a malty finish
This brew has bragging rights, it is our biggest seller. This crowd pleasing ale has plenty of hop presence to balance its malty sweetness. It appeals to drinkers with all levels of craft beer experience; yes we mean you college girl, and you too Mr. seasoned beer professional. Experienced veterans of craft and the newly initiated can both call this brew their favorite. Pairs well with football and pizza, soup and a fire, or your backyard barbeque. Take some home to your sweetie tonight.
ABV - 5.8%
Railyard Raspberry Wheat
An American style wheat mixed with 100% fresh raspberry juice
Stand back. This is a beer brewed with raspberries, not a raspberry beer. The real raspberry juice we use adds something special to this wheat ale rather than taking something away. It can be, and is, enjoyed by all types of beer drinkers. It especially pairs well with fruit salads or just about any type of dessert. Or, consider it a dessert all on its own; who doesn't enjoy beer for dessert? And, just because this beer has fruit, don't think it is some powder-puff beer. Even the most rugged mountain man will enjoy this one.
ABV - 5.6%
Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale
An American style wheat mixed with blackberry juice and a touch of our Steam Engine Stout to create this dark fruity ale
We don't want to toot our own horn, but we will anyway. This brew is another top seller. Created by accident, a chance blending of raspberry wheat and stout, we recreated this crowd pleaser for distribution. Call it a mad scientist production, call it a miracle, call it dumb luck if you want; we call it serendipity. To those that claim they can only drink one fruit beer or that they don't enjoy them at all, please give this one a try. The blackberries are deliciously subtle giving this wheat ale/stout blend just that little something extra that keeps them coming back for more. Easy drinking by itself or, like the raspberry wheat, a great beer to enjoy with dessert.
ABV - 5.8%
Hobo's Breath Brown Ale
A nice intro to dark ales
Welcome to the Dark Side. But, don't let the name fool you, there's nothing disgusting about this brew! It has turned many unsuspecting drinkers on to the dark side of beer. Its malty richness stands on its own but also pairs up nicely to your favorite burger, with steak and potatoes, or if you feel daring, try matching it up with a sweet dessert. Don't blame us, though, when you find yourself completely converted to the dark side...of beer, that is.
ABV - 6.0%
Steam Engine Stout
A Sweet Stout with a Roasted Character and Rich, Smooth Finish
This brew is not for the faint of heart! No sissies, please. Devout beer lovers will love this dark, rich, full bodied stout. We like to say that our Steam Engine Stout is a classic, sweet stout it is, but this brew goes above and beyond your average stout. One of our patrons even calls it his Mistress so we would go as far to say that this brew is home-wrecking good. Pair it with the Soon-to-be-Famous Cheese Steak for a great meal in our Tap Room, or grab a growler or 6 pack and take it home, this brew is complimentary to heavy pasta dishes, lasagna, pizza, game dishes, or chocolate desserts. Of course, our stout is absolutely delightful on its own, if we do say so ourselves. If you enjoy our stout, you will also love our Hobos Breath Brown Ale.
ABV - 6.4%
Iron Horse I.P.A.
An American pale ale with full hops flavor and aroma
Don't be shy, try it. Like any good I.P.A. this one has plenty of hop presence but not so much that it is not approachable by our hop-weary friends. Instead of biggering and biggering like so many I.P.A.s these days we are keepin' it real with a beer that will make you want to drink more than just one. Don't worry though, hops heads, this beer still has enough bite to cut through any spicy dish you might want to pair it with. Try one, or five, with buffalo wings or a spicy blackened chicken dish. Iron Horse can also go quite well with shrimp, crab, or other light fish, so we have heard from a few of our loyal patrons. So, belly up and try Iron Horse if you have ever wondered what a good I.P.A is like. We promise you won't be disappointed.
ABV - 6.6%
Crazy Train Black I.P.A.
A black I.P.A brewed with dark and roasted malts
Hop on the train and enjoy the rich malty flavor. The ride begins with a rich dark color and ends with a hoppy finish. We are sure you will return for another ride.
ABV - 6.3%
Trainwreck Amber Ale
An American Amber Ale brewed with maple syrup and honey to give it a full body and smooth sweetness
Approach with caution. This one will sneak up on you! Brewed to keep us warm in the winter months, but easily enjoyable any time of the year. Syrup and honey give this beer an irresistible sweetness that makes it impossible to have just one. No matter what you pair this one with make sure you get plenty to eat or you might find out how this beer got its name.
ABV - 8.2%
Sacred Gruit Ale
Pale Ale brewed with Yarrow, Myrtle and Rosemary
What is Gruit you might ask? Gruit is a blend of herbs that brewers added to their beer in the renaissance times if not before. Herbs are an essential ingredient in beer, both as a preservative and to counterbalance the bitterness and flavoring. Herbs were the only thing used prior to the extensive use of hops. Sacred Gruit ale is a pale ale brewed with primary combination of three mild to moderate herbs yarrow, sweet gale (myrtle) and marsh rosemary (wild rosemary). Don't be afraid to go hopless, you never know you might just like it!!!!
ABV - 5.8%
Seasonal Brews
Irish Red Ale
A malty, clean Irish style ale
A moderately malty red ale with low hop flavor. Flavors of caramel and biscuit come through on this sessionale ale.
ABV - 4.6%
River Bend Bock
A malty Lager perfect for the spring weather. A stong malt backbone with a clean finish.
ABV - 6.4%
Second Wind Wheat Ale
Authentic Bavarian Wheat Ale with hints of banana and clove
Too many times it's been overheard, I would have another, if only I could catch my second wind? Now there is no excuse. This wonderfully different ale often takes its drinkers by surprise with its complex flavors created by the one of a kind weizen yeast. Its smooth, easy to drink and simply delicious. This gorgeous, medium bodied beer starts out with yeasty character and finishes off, happily, with a delicate spicy flavor. The adventurous will pair this beer up with everything from pizza to a hearty Rueben. Some of our patrons also insist that Second Wind Wheat is our best summertime beer, so pack a few for your next beach visit. Just one sip, and you will understand why some say its sweet summertime in a bottle.
ABV - 5.6%
Wit Dream
Belgian Style Wheat Ale Brewed with Spices
With summer right around the corner it's only natural to reach for an ice cold six pack of your favorite craft beer. This summer Mt Pleasant Brewing Company is excited to introduce its Wit Dream. Wit Dream is a Belgian style wheat ale that is very pale and slightly cloudy in appearance. Spiced with coriander and orange peel to make this beer very light, easy to drink and very refreshing. Another great Belgian inspired brew from the crew of Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company. This year you will be reaching for a Wit Dream!!!!
Harvest Ale
An American Pale ale
This flavorful pale ale is brewed with fresh hops grown right here in Michigan. Cheers to a bountiful harvest!
ABV - 6.0%
Malty lager with smooth subtle sweetness
You don't have to wear lederhosen to enjoy Mt Pleasant Brewing Company's Oktoberfest. This brew is amber in color and has a mild hop profile. Oktoberfest is a malty lager that finishes smooth with a subtle sweetness. Don't wait until October to try this one!
ABV - 6.0%
Freight Train Double I.P.A.
India Pale Ale
Strap yourself in, this is ride is about to get interesting!!! Freight Train Double I.P.A. is a strong, intensely hoppy version of a traditional I.P.A. This brew has a full body and heavy malt backbone that supports the strong hop character and provides a great balance.
ABV - 8.6%
Peach Gruit
A herbal ale with peach juice added
This is a twist on our popular Sacred Gruit herbal ale. We added 100% pure Peach and Apricot juice for a unique, refreshing beer.
ABV - 5.8%
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